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Ten big trend of mining industry development in our country

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In recent years, especially after our country economy enters a new normal, mining development in our country has been showing signs of some new, new trends, new features, and these new changes, is likely to evolve into the direction of mining development in the future。

Facing the complex economic situation, we must take history as a mirror, ocean for convenient, summarizes the successful experience of mining development;Facing the opportunity for a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, we must accelerate the mining theory, system innovation, technology and equipment, injected new momentum to the development of mining;Face mining development presents the new trends, new features, we must rely on innovation driven development, actively explore the new ways and new mining revitalization model.

Trend: mining regulations, and policies are or will be adjusted and modified.

After eighteen big, transformation of the mode of growth and promote structural reform, the supply side of the "three to one drop one filling", intensify efforts to strengthen the construction of nature reserve, the establishment of the national park system, puts forward clear requirements on mining industry transformation and upgrading.

Mineral resource management from the point of view, the state increased the mining areas and decentralization, combined the pipes, optimization services reform, give full play to the market in the allocation of resources and decisive role, and better give play to the role of the government.56% cancellation and devolved government administrative examination and approval items, abolish all non-executive licensing issues。Improve the dozen of geology and mineral resources management administrative regulations and department rules, launched the "mineral resources law" revision work。In six provinces (area) deployed to carry out the pilot reform mining right transfer system, explore ways to establish competitive transfer of mining right.Promote the reform of oil and gas in oil and gas prospecting and exploitation, production and processing, product pricing, competitive links such as, give full play to the market, improve the efficiency of resource allocation。To carry out the rights and interests of gold mineral resources system reform, set up by the mining right transfer income, governance of mining right cost, the mine geological environment restoration funds, form a new system of rights and interests of gold mineral resources system。

Cancel the non-executive licensing issues, for example, in accordance with the provisions of the state council "market access" negative list and the new arrangements in mining right transfer system reform.2018 years later, the field of mineral resources prospecting and exploitation only to the restricted: the mining right the examination and approval for examination and approval of registration, the right of exploration registration qualifications, shale gas exploration, mining, mineral resources reserves evaluation for the record registration approval with the reserves, oil and gas exploration and development conditions, restrictions on rare earth mineral exploration, rare earth ore and tungsten mining, mining gold for the application for registration of the new mineral qualification authentication, uranium resource exploitation。This means that as long as your company information and technology, all can be gained through the way of application in the first category is risk exploration prospecting rights。On September 29, the state council issued the tickets for a batch of the decision of the administrative licensing items ", officially cancel geological prospecting qualification, since 2018, except for shale gas, oil and gas, rare earth and other minerals exploration there will be no qualification requirements.Main mine administration of the departments of land and resources management focus to "develop industry standards, strengthen the supervision of things afterwards and punishment of violation behavior, maintain the market order."

Trend 2: geological work structure, profound changes will occur.

According to the situation of mineral resources and the change of the supply and demand situation of mineral resources in our country, and promote structural reform, the supply side to the requirement of the excess capacity, structural adjustment and industrial structure adjustment of geological work in China is imperative。

From the point of mineral exploration market, on the one hand, China's economic development base, the rigid demand for energy and resources, will continue to be the "normal" in the present and the future;On the other hand, with the increase of conventional mineral reserves in our country, especially in the global commodity market supply exceeds demand, commodity prices decline, can be obtained from the world market in our country the necessary under the condition of large mineral, national and social capital's devotion to conventional mineral exploration will reduce.

At the same time, the construction of beautiful China, requires us to focus on promoting green development, the development cycle, low carbon development。It puts forward new requirements for geological work.These changes and requirements include: natural resources management system reform, the need to increase the comprehensive investigation of more kinds of natural resources, information integration and resource environmental bearing capacity evaluation;New urbanization development and utilization of urban underground space science, in particular, need to intensify the building of urban geology and three dimensional space information system;Out of poverty, and need more to poor areas groundwater, geological disasters, land quality, exploration of mineral resources and geological environment;Energy and resources security, need to increase strategic emerging clean energy and mineral exploration;Construction of Marine power, need to increase the Marine geological work;Ecological civilization construction, the need to strengthen the potential of resources, high geological evaluation, technical economy evaluation and environmental impact assessment, and so on。These requirements will lead to major and profound changes of geological work.

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Trend 3: clean and efficient utilization of coal will become the direction of the energy revolution in our country。

At present, many cities in our country under the condition of fog, the air quality decline, many people, including the social public opinion will be aimed directly at the coal, put forward "the project", this is don't understand the subjective opinion of China's energy resources.

In fact, our country energy resources structure has the characteristic of a nots allow to ignore, that is "more coal, inferior, less gas (natural gas)".Coal accounts for more than 70% of primary energy production in China.In a quite long time in the future, this pattern could not have fundamental change.

Coal on the basis of China's energy status, determines the leading status in the energy revolution in China: the direction of China's energy revolution is not a "coal", but "clean coal", namely clean coal。Coal is the development direction of clean and efficient utilization and sustainable development, the social impact of coal mining and use to a minimum, this should be the developing direction of China's energy future.In our country, for example, production of ethylene is made with oil raw materials in the past, you can now "coal oil", is actually "coal oil", is to use coal production of ethylene.At present, it has built a national 18 sets of coal to olefin plant, annual production capacity of 10 million tons of ethylene.

Trend 4: green development will become the most basic requirements of mine.

Green is a necessary condition of sustainable development and the important embodiment of people's pursuit of a better life.Insist on green development, saving resources promote the construction of ecological civilization, to promote the human and the nature harmonious coexistence, has always been the main work of land and resources.

In May 2017, the ministry of land and resources, ministry of finance, ministry of environmental protection, general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the China banking regulatory commission, securities regulatory commission jointly issued by the implementation opinion "about to speed up the green mine construction, promoting the green mine construction work.

Trend 5: strategic mineral that support ChengXinXing strategic industry.

Which is that the rise of the new industrial revolution, the rapid development of high technology industry and strategic emerging industries, to speed up the old and the new kinetic energy conversion, drive the emerging materials mineral consumption, for mining revitalization of the release of the new potential.According to the research of experts, in recent years, most of the developed countries such as the European Union and the United States made the accord with its own interests and the development of strategic mineral directory, without exception, including "three thin" mining and non-metallic minerals。As early as in 2010, for example, the commission on the basis of research on global 46 kinds of mineral, the 14 kinds of mineral identified as key mineral raw materials, including nine main produced in China, including antimony, fluorite, germanium, graphite, rare earths, tungsten, gallium, indium, magnesium;The rand corporation in 2013 issued a "key and strategic mineral threaten U.S. manufacturing report, also confirmed the 14 need most key strategic mineral raw materials, is defined as a strategic mineral, difficult to get there are 11 kinds of mainly from China, including rare earths, tungsten, germanium, graphite, fluorite, antimony, indium gallium, barite, vanadium, and magnesium.

In our country, in November 2016, the state council approved by the national mineral resources planning (2016-2020) "for the first time will be 24 kinds of mineral on strategic mineral directory.The 24 kinds of minerals are: energy minerals, oil, natural gas, shale gas, coal and coal-bed methane, uranium;Metal mineral, iron, chromium, copper, aluminum, gold, nickel, tungsten, tin, molybdenum, antimony, cobalt, lithium, rare earth, zirconium;Nonmetallic minerals, phosphorus, potassium, crystalline graphite, fluorite.Broad strategic mineral raw materials market.With the development of new energy automotive industry as an example.It is understood that after the completion of all the tesla electric car factory, only graphite requirements or will exceed 100000 tons.And according to our country the development of new energy vehicles plan, by 2025, the new energy car ownership estimated to reach 32.62 million, accounted for 9.9%.According to the forecast that by 2025, China's new energy vehicle power supply on demand in several strategic minerals are: lithium carbonate 41-570000 tons, equivalent to 2016 of 2016 national consumption;Cobalt is 4.1 98400 tons, equivalent to 157% of the 2016 national consumption.Nickel is 6。3 71000 tons, equivalent to 6。9% of the 2016 national consumption。We are familiar with the graphite of 328000 tons, equivalent to 53.4% of the 2016 national consumption of graphite.

At the same time, along with "made in China 2025" strategy implementation, manufacturing industry structure adjustment and product upgrading, the entry of the emerging industries of strategic importance for lithium, rare earth, cobalt, vanadium, titanium demand for strategic mineral raw materials will be bigger and bigger.Obviously, the future strategic mineral market.

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Trend 6: mine digitalization and intellectualization will accelerate the pace.

Accelerating scientific and technological innovation, big data, Internet, new technologies, such as remote sensing detection and mining cross fusion, digital, intelligent technology and equipment, development and application of the mining development new kinetic energy is becoming more and more strong, for the mining industry transformation and upgrading, achieve innovation and development has opened up a new field: mining of digital and intelligent。

Digital and intelligent mining refers to digital, intelligent, automation of mining equipment as the core, with high speed, large capacity, two-way integrated digital communication network as the carrier, intelligent design and production management software system for platform, through the process of mine production object and real-time, dynamic and intelligent monitoring and control, realizes the mining safety, high efficiency, economy and maximize economic benefits。The meaning of digital, intelligent mining is mainly adopts the modern high technology to upgrade traditional industries, promote our country mining mining to the safe, efficient, economic, green and sustainable development, enhance the core competitive ability of China's mining industry, which is to promote the ultimate goal of mine digitalization, intelligent mine.

Many mines in our country by the mining of shallow to deep mining step by step.Due to underground mining resources endowment condition, mining process, the differences between the production process, production equipment, as well as the uncertainty of resources and dynamic, workplace mobility of factors of discrete, productivity, production environment characteristics such as high risk, formed many difficulties, the mining enterprise production efficiency is low, frequent accidents.In this case, in order to improve the technical strength of mines in our country, developing intelligent mining technology research and promotion and realization of intelligent mining is particularly important.

Trend 7: "three deep" science and technology innovation strategy will continue to expand resources development space.

At the end of 2016, the ministry of land and resources issued the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" science and technology innovation and development of land and resources planning ", clearly put forward the full implementation of deep ground detection, deep sea, deep air-to-ground observation and land engineering science and technology "four one" strategy of science and technology。This shows that our country will speed up the "three" deep mineral exploration and development.

Deep beneath the earth most of the resources and energy.If the solid mineral exploration depth of 2000 meters, proved reserves will be based on the existing double.According to estimation, ocean ocean polymetallic nodules total resources of about 3 trillion tons, 75 billion tons with commercial exploitation potential。The seabed cobalt rich cobalt crust resource is about 1 billion tons;Pacific deep-sea sediments of rare earth resource of 88 billion tons.It is predicted that future global 40% total reserves of oil and gas will come from the depths of the sea.In addition, in the moon and other asteroids also contains extremely rich mineral resources.

Deep prospecting and mining will have a huge space for development.In theory, that is, the inner earth available space distribution in the 10000 meters from the surface to underground, currently the world's advanced level of exploration and mining depth has reached 2500-4000 meters, but our country mostly less than 500 meters.According to statistics, the next 10 years, China will have more than one third metal mine mining depth reach or exceed 1000 m.But the most pressing issues facing deep mining is: the mining depth, the greater the more difficult.The existing mining pattern, mining equipment, mining technology, far behind the demand of the development of deep mining.Therefore, from now on, for 2000-5000 - m to deep mining environment can "three highs", we must seek the deep mining theory and technology of new breakthroughs, and solve the energy storage in ore control, avoid disaster and conversion of energy storage and utilization technology in ore, out of a Chinese "deep exploitation of" road。To achieve deep green mining, support of deep mining intensification, continuous, remote control and intelligent, mining concept, mode and the development of the technology must be innovative, countries should vigorously research, introduce and develop intelligent mining, loading and transport equipment, intelligent navigation technology, and so on.

Although we and the United States, Japan, Russia and the individual eu countries is still a gap, but after years of development, our country have made great progress in ocean exploration and drilling。According to news cnooc, April 13, 2015, "offshore oil 981" drilling platform is completed in the bay of Bengal waters 1732.7 meters deep underwater drilling tasks, the drilling depth of more than 5030 meters, completed the "offshore oil 981" overseas debut.This symbolized our country in the deep oil and gas field has built a number of high-end deepwater equipment, mastered the full range of deep development technology, filled the Chinese blank on deepwater drilling oversize equipment projects, and has the high-end deepwater participates in the international market competition strength。In China to have a "981", deep-sea oil production will no longer be "'t "。

The waters in our country, the south China sea an area of 300 square kilometers, reserves of oil and gas resources is equivalent to one-third of all oil and gas resources in China.Within nine section of the line is about 200 square kilometers, the traditional boundaries of oil and gas reserves of about 35 billion tons, make up about a quarter of all oil and gas resources in China, 70% of the oil and gas resources is under the sea 300 meters deep。Now, a total of four offshore oil and gas production areas in China, the south China sea is the key of the Marine oil and gas resources exploitation in our country in the future, has become the world's fourth largest offshore oil and gas production areas of development potential.

China geological survey, exploration and discovery, the vision of natural gas hydrate resources prediction for more than 100 billion tons of oil equivalent, xisha trough, the seas in the southeast, fox sea and east sea, god vision of natural gas hydrate resources 74.4 billion tons of oil equivalent.Fox waters in the east China sea and the pearl river mouth basin and god hydrate deposits are super billions of cubic meters,。

On May 18, by the China geological survey for the first time to organize the implementation of our country Marine gas hydrates (combustible ice) was in the south China sea god fox waters to realize stable gas for eight days, was a complete success, to achieve the historic breakthrough of gas hydrate exploration in China。China geological survey in the northern south China sea delineated the 11 "combustible ice" orebody, reserves.

Deep space detection is one of the key battleground of future international competition of science and technology。According to scientists, many stars in space may contain the extremely rich mineral resources.In the moon, for example: the most common type of 17 elements on earth, on the moon everywhere.Such as iron, only the moon surface in 5 cm thick sand containing hundreds of millions of tons of iron, and the entire surface of the moon with an average of 10 metres of sandy soil.The moon's surface of aluminum, chromium, nickel, sodium, magnesium, silicon, copper and other metal mineral is also very rich.Helium - 3 content in the lunar soil is estimated to be 715000 tons。Every tons of helium extraction from lunar soil - 3, 6300 tons of 6300 tons of hydrogen and nitrogen can be obtained and 1600 tons of carbon。In addition, there are rich of thorium and uranium.The moon has many space powers will get helium - 3 as a development one of the important goals of the moon。Besides deep air-to-ground observation in our country, has achieved three manned space flight, and launched the "chang e" to the surface of the moon unmanned probe, now China is developing a new generation of multipurpose manned spacecraft, is expected to be completed around the Chinese own space station in 2020.Academician of Chinese academy of sciences on May 8, Mr Ye peijian held in China aerospace science and technology group co。, LTD。 Five yuan asteroid probe academic report at the meeting, said the asteroid resource development is one of the future space development direction。"Just do it in our country, 10 years will be able to carry out demonstration project;To implement a large-scale mining, about 50 years."

Eight: transnational mining enterprises in China will be active on the world stage。

At present, the global mineral resources and mineral market monopoly pattern has been formed, the world's top eight multinational mining company, has a 75% share of global mining capital market, control the world most of the iron ore and bauxite resources.According to relevant data, the world's top five to ten, multinational corporations occupy global iron, copper, aluminum, zinc more than 50% of the reserves and production.Brazil, Australia, India iron ore accounted for 60% of the world, three countries account for 90% of world trade.Chile, Peru, Indonesia accounted for 52% of the world's copper production volume by 90%。

In recent years, the western countries to promote trade protectionism, western mining giants and multinational companies with its abundant capital and already occupied territory resources, continuously strengthen mergers and important mineral resources monopoly.In the context of globalization and increasingly competitive, do big should not be the ultimate goal of development of China's mining enterprises, on the basis of do big, do best and stronger, become a globally competitive world-class enterprises, beefing up to the global mining stage。

It should be pointed out that, "all the way along the" along the country is rich in mineral resources, consumption demand and investment transactions active, occupies an important share in the world mining industry value chain and status。Guiding industry, mining as a priority to promote our country along with the mineral exploration and mining, processing, mining investment, consumption and trade cooperation, to promote the healthy development of mining industry in China is of great significance.

Nine: sharing ideas through always in mining development。

Sharing is the basic requirement of socialism with Chinese characteristics.We will unswervingly building inclusive sharing type mining.Inclusive sharing is the core value of the mining development, as well as mining adheres to the focus of people's concept of development the important embodiment of.Huimin engineering, we should actively implement resources and improve the improve the resources development and income distribution mechanism, benefit resources further tilt to the country of origin, adding local people get.We want to help precision, precision of poverty, explore for poverty alleviation in poor areas of mineral resources development resources revenue reform, take up of poor areas to develop the mining of collective land, on a trial basis to the residents way of collective equity to compensate.Ore mining social responsibility, we should advocate build enterprise mechanism and social public interests sharing, encourages mining enterprises investment in the local education, health, infrastructure, ecological environment and other social livelihood projects, make people share development, promote social harmony and stability.

Ten: mining culture will be more and more attention。

Due to the development and utilization of mineral resources, the Chinese nation in history, has created a splendid culture of mining and mining industry civilization, such as ceramic culture, bronze culture, iron smelting.It is precisely that mining industry civilization to promote economic and social development in ancient China, the Chinese civilization has been standing in the forefront of the world civilization, and made great contribution for human civilization progress, became known as the four ancient civilizations.In the west, the discovery and use of mineral such as coal and iron ore, driving from the use of the steam engine started the first "industrial revolution" (industrial revolution), then, mineral resources development and utilization of the strength and depth of unprecedented development.And mineral resources (as raw materials and power) of a large number of use, and promote the modern geology, ore deposit and prospecting.And, in turn, contributed to the mineral resources exploration and development.

In the future of mining in the process of scientific development and construction of ecological civilization, we should not only systematically summed up and summarized the Chinese past dynasties since the outstanding achievements in the mining and mining culture, also want to learn the countries of the world in mining development to promote human civilization and progress process of the accumulation of advanced mining culture;At the same time to keep pace with The Times, study the new features of the mining development in today's world, new trends and new challenges and new opportunities, to make our culture mining not only profound historical background, and has the distinct characteristics of The Times, become a kind of cultural soft power, in order to provide for the development of modern mining compliance, guidance and direction.

Facing the complex economic situation, we must take history as a mirror, ocean for convenient, summarizes the successful experience of mining development;Facing the opportunity for a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, we must accelerate the mining theory, system innovation, technology and equipment, injected new momentum to the development of mining;Face mining development presents the new trends, new features, we must rely on innovation driven development, actively explore the new ways and new mining revitalization mode, innovative mining development path.Particularly in the construction of the area along the way ", the establishment of the global mining community under the new background of fate, China should develop mining recovery, for the world contribute more power in China, to provide more plan in China, contributing to the world mining industry civilization, ecological civilization more Chinese wisdom!

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