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Geological prospecting funds or bear more and new era

Under the background of the new era of economic and social transformation, the important function of geological exploration fund positioning function is gradually clear and highlight and national regulation, and in practice continue to present a positive change in the structural."From the geological prospecting exploration difficulty is the trend of increasing year by year, the discovery of geological exploration prospecting funds to continue higher success rate, basic geological and high exploration degree programs at the same time presents the trend of increasing investment.Geological prospecting fund under the new situation, state resources security is not only an important means of macroeconomic regulation and control important gripper, mineral resources, and is an important support of mining right transfer system reform, the implementation of reel reserve engineering important way."At the recent national geological prospecting fund operation management communication symposium, the central geological exploration fund management said car long wave, director of the center.

, according to data from the 2017 national provincial geological prospecting funds (funds) total investment 3。362 billion yuan, reduced by 31。4% compared to the same;Among them, the mineral exploration investment 2。582 billion yuan, reduced by 23。8% compared to the same。The national provincial geological prospecting funds mainly to national and local shortage, major mineral, mineral and local advantages and characteristic part for basic, public welfare geological work.

From the point of specific inputs, provincial geological exploration fund in basic geological survey, hydraulic loop, geological science and technology and information service and so on into the number and the proportion of capital to total number and total investment showed a trend of increased year by year.At the same time, the provincial geological prospecting funds detailed investigation, exploration stage of the project and the money also showed a trend of increase year by year."Continue to rise year by year, the proportion of high exploration degree program is the specific reflection of market demand, is a reasonable adjustment of geological prospecting funds."The car long said.

It is worth mentioning that as an important power under the new situation of geological prospecting, geological exploration fund projects and investment has gradually become a mineral resources exploration development support and important means of macroeconomic regulation and control, effectively promote the field of mineral supply side structural reform, to ensure the safety of the national resources.Since the functions of guidance and pull the risk exploration geological exploration fund performance since, on the basis of the mineral resources potential evaluation, have found out a large number of mineral resources, some important mineral significant new resources reserves.Among them, the new coal resources reserves accounted for 98% of the national new reserves of iron ore accounted for 45%, copper 39%, zinc 45%, tungsten accounted for 59%, 95% phosphate rock。Basic geological exploration fund project covers all kinds of resources required for national economic and social development, around the national strategic minerals and local economic development urgently needed minerals exploration, has formed thousands of large and medium-sized mines, to keep the impact of global energy, bulk mineral and strategic emerging mineral supply line provides a powerful resource security。The provincial geological exploration fund nearly thirty percent of the 8182 mineral exploration projects can provide the target area for prospecting rights market sell, geological exploration achievements of fund has gradually become the subject of exploration right transfer.

For a new era of mineral resource supply security of the new contradictions and new problems, new opportunities, new challenges and the current geological exploration fund problem such as the lack of national top design, car long wave proposal, the important function of geological prospecting funds should firmly grasp the positioning, geological prospecting fund development plan and deployment, through the scientific establishment to define geological exploration degree and exploration direction, measures such as geological prospecting funds, reduce the risk of exploration and further play to pull the role of social capital, actively promote healthy, stable and sustainable development of geological exploration fund.

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