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Magnetotelluric system UltraEM Z4 appearance wise exposition, the earth can do "CT"

August 23-26, 2018, the first China's high-profile international intelligence industry fair (hereinafter referred to as "intellectual exposition") in chongqing yue to international conference center grand。Wisdom exhibited at the exposition pavilion in the north of the "smart" in the north of the construction achievements, 13 technology companies with a number of "black science and technology".Among them, the national science (chongqing) instrument co。, LTD。 (hereinafter referred to as "the company") shows the can to do for the earth "CT" geophysical detectors - UltraEM Z4 broadband magnetotelluric system。As the domestic first set of commercial magnetotelluric instrument system, UltraEM Z4 get everybody's attention.

The company production of UltraEM Z4 broadband magnetotelluric system is the core sensor full independent intellectual property rights, the core algorithm, compared with the market similar products, has the following characteristics: 1, the natural and artificial sources of mixed mode;2, more efficient sampling rate real-time parallel acquisition;3, light field real-time imaging;4, tensor and scalar were observed.UltraEM Z4 broadband magnetotelluric system can be widely used in underground mineral resources exploration, groundwater and geothermal resource exploration, underground oil and gas resources exploration, geological disaster monitoring, major engineering geological problems and national defense security, etc。

The national science instrument co。, LTD。 (chongqing) as high science and technology enterprises, leading the industry with science and technology innovation progress, truly, truly, to solve engineering problems。The next three years, the national science will quickly enter the magnetotelluric, seismic, logging, and other fields of geophysical equipment market, become the domestic high-end intelligent geophysical equipment of leading enterprises.



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About Us

National Science (Chongqing) Instrument Co。, Ltd。 is a key enterprise established under the platform of Chongqing Green Intelligent Technology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chongqing Jiangbei District Government-led Chongqing Industrial Technology Innovation and Development Center。 The company is committed to high-end high-end geophysical instruments and services。

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