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ZxMT pretreatment and magnetotelluric

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The main function of ZXMT7 software:

- time series visual editing
This feature allows you to view all the time for each test sequence, the show quickly, and a series of shortcuts to help you quickly view and positioning. The more important is that you can use the mouse to click the shortcut key or remove convenient interference sequences, thus easily from the original data to improve the quality and effectiveness of data processing.
- time screening data
According to the needs of a number of sampling into different segments, to meet the different needs of processing. At the same time, the system also provides automatic suppression of interference from mutation function, largely suppress the interference signal, to improve the quality of data.

- time series reconstruction file, file based on impedance power spectrum
Time series after screening to estimate the power spectrum and the impedance based file file. The number of frequency impedance reconstruction of the file, can according to their actual requirements, but not greater than 292, the frequency is determined by calibration files, which can largely improve the vertical resolution of the data (see below).



Robust data spatial filtering
Robust spatial filtering can effectively eliminate fly impedance data, improve data interpretation accuracy.

- Interactive static Correcting
This feature allows the measuring point data as background display, convenient data static displacement data correction.

- TE, TM, tensor inversion process
The characteristics of support you with different processing parameters, and then save each result, simply select in the drop-down box, you can see different results. The most ready for 8 space to store the results.

- point management, time series curve, impedance curve, inversion results Association
The characteristics of point record and time sequence curve, impedance curve and the inversion result by means of association allows you in any one place change point selected, other place will be synchronized highlights, make it easy for you to find the problem, step correction in place.

The calculation scheme - rich
The ZXMT system provides a rich variety of computing functions, such as automatic time series interference suppression, EMD analysis, power spectrum calculation, impedance calculation, impedance to fixed-point mutation point pressing automatic and fast inversion, a new generation of all smooth, in order to obtain reliable results excellent map security.

- quick drawing
This feature allows you to quickly display the results, you can easily modify the display parameters, such as whether to display the selected log interval data values, isoline, directly call Level files and Clr files also support Surfer. At the same time also step in surfer automatic mapping, replacing the data grid, topography, blank and so on a series of tedious work, help to improve work efficiency.
The ZXMT module provides UltraEM Z4 data acquisition device based on a series of processing functions, convenient and intuitive interface, and support the full back.

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About Us

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