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Joint Annual Meeting of Engineering Geophysics Committee and Water Conservancy and Electricity Branc

From August 23 to 24, 2018, "China Geophysical Society Engineering Geophysics Professional Committee, Water Conservancy and Electricity Branch 2018 Joint Academic Annual Meeting" was held in Nanning Jin Mong Kok International Hotel. The academicians and renowned experts and scholars in the field of geophysical prospecting in China were invited to report on the latest research results at the annual meeting, and the fifth special committee members were elected by the vote of all participants. Chen Jian, general manager of our company and Ma Lei, manager of R & D and production department, were invited to attend this meeting.

The theme of this conference is "Progress and Application of Engineering Geophysics Technology", which is a combination of keynote report, paper presentation, exhibition board report and exhibition of professional instruments and equipment. Focus on the following five topics:

1. underground space development and utilization and Engineering Geophysics;

彩票高手微信交流群2. new methods and technologies for geophysical exploration and detection in water conservancy and electric power projects.

3. key geological problems and geophysical technology and application of urban multi factor geological survey;

4. Internet + engineering geophysics and big data;

5. geophysical methods, technologies and applications in the exploration and development of new energy.

At the same time, our company has demonstrated the newly developed UltraEM Z4 magnetotelluric system in the external exhibition hall。 Once UltraEM Z4 is presented, it has attracted much attention。





Chen Jian, general manager of our company, demonstrates the UltraEM Z4 magnetotelluric system.

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