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Vision goal

Corporate strategic objectives

With scientific and technological innovation leading the progress of the industry, the company is really solving engineering problems. It is expected to become a leading international manufacturer of intelligent geophysical equipment research and development, a leading domestic enterprise of high-end geophysical equipment, and a famous domestic geophysical service provider in five years.

1, the industry's strongest ability of independent innovation

The company adheres to the sustainable development, adheres to the innovation-driven development path, places innovation at the core of enterprise development, promotes cross-disciplinary and cross-industry collaborative innovation, strengthens key technology research and independent brand cultivation, so as to further enhance the advantages of geophysical exploration equipment in the industry。

2. Promoters of technological progress in the industry

Aiming at the leading enterprises of geophysical exploration equipment in China, the Government-Industry-University-Research cooperation has been extensively carried out, with emphasis on the creation of high-end geophysical exploration technology and instruments by using modern advanced technologies such as electronic information technology, intelligent technology and digital signal processing technology, the establishment of new industry standards and specifications, and the creation of high-middle-level geophysical exploration technology and instruments in China。 End geophysical equipment brand, industry commonness, basic, cutting-edge technology to achieve major breakthroughs in promoting the industry's technological progress。

3, intelligent geophysical equipment research and development, manufacturing and service providers upgrading

The company upgraded from a traditional geophysical instrument manufacturer to an intelligent geophysical equipment R&D, manufacturing and service provider. Product design should be oriented to large data applications in the industry; field operation can not only realize the control and data sharing of field mobile devices, but also realize remote control interaction, remote status monitoring and fault diagnosis, remote data sharing, remote data acquisition and quality control; with real-time display processing and mapping, can press Relevant industry standards require interpretation and processing and result report. That is to say, geophysical equipment R&D and manufacturing enterprises are required to change from the traditional mode of providing customers with a single product to the new solution mode of providing customers with products and services.

About Us
About Us

National Science (Chongqing) Instrument Co。, Ltd。 is a key enterprise established under the platform of Chongqing Green Intelligent Technology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chongqing Jiangbei District Government-led Chongqing Industrial Technology Innovation and Development Center。 The company is committed to high-end high-end geophysical instruments and services。

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